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Capture of ambulant medical bills with smart phones for OCR processing (Master Thesis/ Internhips)


In the outpatient sector of the Swiss health care system, patients often receive the physician's invoice in the standardized TARMED form. The layout of this form was defined with the introduction of the TARMED tariff about 10 years ago and was optimized for the scanning process at the insurance companies.
However, this makes it difficult for the patient to understand. In order to make the invoice easier for the patient to understand, the patient could photograph the invoice with his smart phone and send it to an OCR service. Afterwards, countless applications are thinkable, which provide the patient with additional information to his invoice.
Such an OCR service requires that the quality of the photo meets the requirements of this downstream OCR service. This work is intended to create a smart phone application for photographing the patient's medical bills and putting them in an optimal format for the OCR process.
For this purpose, functions for rough OCR acquisition, immediate feedback, VRS (Virtual Rescan) and Form Recognition can be used, for example.
If required, the scope of this work can be extended to different operating systems, or the OCR service can be extended to achieve a maximum OCR detection rate.

In this role

  • Implementing a mobile application with a backend system for the OCR processing.

What we offer

Join our team as intern and you will find a young, dynamic and culturally diverse working environment.

About your profile

  • Android or iOS (Java or ObjectiveC / Swift)
  • C / C++ to develop a library that can be interfaced in both Android and iOS
  • Visual computing background
  • Ideally some image processing library knowhow (e.g. OpenCV)

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