Atop the Swiss mountains with ELCA Informatique SA

ELCA Informatique SA has developed a modern online reservation system for the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC)’s mountain huts for managing overnight stays.

Up to now, the Swiss Alpine Club’s hut wardens recorded reservations for their huts in a simple paper calendar – from now on, they can manage overnights stays, of which there are more than 300,000 per year, using a newly developed online reservation system.

ELCA Informatique SA, a Swiss IT consulting and services company, has developed a modern reservation system tailored to the needs of the hut wardens and guests. Several employees can now work in the system at the same time, regardless of their location.

Although the basic functions are the same for all the huts, the system, which is available in four languages, also allows hut wardens to make individual configurations to suit their requirements. In future, it will also be possible for huts that are not owned by the SAC to use this reservation system.

Visitors to the huts can use the reservation system at home or while on the move to reserve a bed or a meal at the hut quickly and with ease. The hut wardens as well as potential guests can see at a glance when the hut is fully booked or what the bookings situation is like.

In keeping with the mobile age, the system is mobile and adapts automatically to the end user’s device, be it a smartphone, tablet or PC.

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