Back-End Services

Nowadays a professional IT application is not correctly designed, if it does not have back end services that are efficient, reliable and high-performing.

Based on an analysis of functional and non-functional needs, ELCA architects design the IT architecture that is most appropriate for the needs identified – in other words, it will be able to meet the needs expressed whilst also remaining at an acceptable level of complexity.

A modular design, as well as well-defined interfaces and communications channels, will make it possible to offer the expected service, in terms of quality, performance and security.

According to the needs expressed, the back end services have to be accessed in different ways, whether it is via an internal rich client application, external web services with considerable security requirements or even via asynchronous batch processing.

ELCA place great emphasis on the different non-functional aspects. The volume of data to be processed as well as the evolution over time that can be envisaged will have a considerable impact on the performance of the application and the opinion that users will have of it. The access and data security is also a central aspect of our analysis, because it requires a good compromise between allowing everything and forbidding everything. This aspect also has an impact on performance and acceptance by the users.

ELCA architects also take great care to design solid back-end services in order to allow maintenance and expansion over many years of operation, ensuring that the inevitable changes of environment (more users, more data to process) can be made as easily as possible.