BI & Big Data

ELCA has been providing business intelligence (BI) services to its customers since 1995, primarily relating to:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Extraction, transformation, consolidation or migration of data
  • Modelling and implementation of  data warehouses and data marts
  • Big Data achitecture and solution, Data Science & Analytics, Text and Visual Analytics
  • Implementation of user solutions for reporting, dashboards, etc.
  • Training  & support

However, “traditional” BI, as well as company needs, have evolved considerably in recent years. Now companies want to be closer to their data, to take advantage of new sources of information, to follow their indicators in real time. Managers need to be able to react as quickly as possible and from any location, to anticipate trends, risks or threats, to discover new opportunities , to be agile and, as far as possible, independent of IT.

This is why ELCA has enriched its range of BI services with the inclusion of big data, mobile applications, cloud architecture, data visualisation, security, InMemory and predictive methods among other offerings.

The BI team completes its technical expertise with business know-how, principally relating to banking & financial institutions, insurance, health, public services, transport and security.

Today, ELCA's BI division works throughout Switzerland, covering the entire field of conventional BI, as well as the new competencies that are indispensable to a data scientist such as:

  • the manipulation and pooling of unstructured data;
  • the implementation of big data architectures (Hadoop, etc.);
  • the integration of information from additional and/or external sources such as social networks,  the web, open data or machine data;
  • advanced analysis (natural language processing ( NLP) , predictive analysis, graph analysis, GIS, data visualisation).

All these services are offered under different types of contracts: fixed-price projects with a guaranteed outcome; delegation of highly experienced resources; and corrective and/or evolutive maintenance.

ELCA offers a full range of services from strategy definition to implementation and application management:

  • high level strategy definition;
  • platform(s) selection and proof of concept implementation;
  • requirements engineering and solution implementation;
  • training, support and expertise coaching; 
  • application management.

« Since 2011, ELCA has continued to develop the scope of its activities in R&D and big data technologies. With this expertise we are able to provide our clients with a ready to use solution in order to initiate their big data projects at low cost and without any commitment: the ELCA Big Data . »

Yves Burki – Head of Business Line - BI & Big Data

ELCA Big Data Lab

A successful big data project requires dedicated competencies, infrastructure and approach. In order to facilitate the first steps, reduce investment and save time, ELCA provides its clients with a group of experts and a lab ready to use : the ELCA Big Data Lab.


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