Business Process Management

Organisations today are confronted with an ever changing world – a pace of change that is accelerating all the time. They have to deal with ever faster changes in regulations, legal frameworks or, quite simply, altered expectations, desires and habits of customers who are becoming more and more demanding.

BPM (Business Process Management) can be defined as a discipline that aims to identify, understand, model, measure and continuously optimise business processes with the aim of allowing the organisation to adapt to these changes in an optimum fashion.

At ELCA, we have identified four process types:

  • Process focussing on integration or automation and performances are paramount
  • Processes focussing on documents, where compliance with regulations and/or legislation is prioritised
  • Processes focussing on collaboration, where the aim is to improve the flow of information between people
  • Process focussing on case management that will allow the processes to be more flexible and empower users.

Not all business processes are destined to be automated in IT systems: some can only be optimised at an organisational or business level. ELCA can help you throughout the process of implementing BPM programs:

  • Evaluation of BPM maturity, BPM strategy, definition of process performance indicators, process modelling and optimisation.
  • Evaluation, selection and implementation of BPM products, process implementation, SOA/BPM architecture, integration, support.