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With more than 650 men and women working as highly qualified engineers and over 800 employees in total, ELCA is the leading independent IT service provider in Switzerland, serving a broad customer base both in the SME and the corporate customer segment.

ELCA stands for high Swiss quality and is known for its project management culture with creative engineering. We successfully manage our projects at fixed prices and for delivery within a defined time frame - from project development to the market launch.

Thanks to the latest expertise in the areas of software development, systems integration, business consulting and managed operations, ELCA is in an ideal position to supply IT solutions which meet the most demanding customer requirements. In addition, we maintain very close contacts to different partners, whose products we use in our IT solutions.

As early as 1993, ELCA gained the international ISO 9001 quality certification and continues to develop a dynamic and unique quality approach. An example of this is the successful attainment of CMMI Level 3 certification.

ELCA's continued growth has opened up demanding new roles in different areas and countries and in our company you will find a young, dynamic and culturally diverse environment. Take up the excellent training on offer, accept responsibility right at the start of your career, and learn from colleagues whose top priority is technical excellence, whilst also benefitting from a competitive remuneration package.

Apart from its head office in Lausanne, ELCA also maintains further sites in Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Paris, Madrid (nearshore development) and Ho Chi Minh City (offshore development).

Working for ELCA

Human qualities
ELCA's system of values is primarily based on human qualities. An open attitude, active listening, commitment, honesty and lively general interest make for a stable and constructive relationship, which is based on respect and mutual trust. Our employees are our most important asset.

“Diversity” is an essential aspect of ELCA's culture and ELCA's environment. Our human diversity is expressed in the over thirty nationalities and languages of our employees, who have studied more than fourteen different subjects. The many different professions can be attributed to the wide range of different activities: an engineer who works at ELCA can take on many different roles and tasks in the course of his professional career, depending on his personal interests and further development.

Technological excellence
At ELCA our aim is to have complete mastery of the most advanced technology and take on a leading role in all the areas selected. Our research department examines the latest technologies and concepts, and puts great effort into ascertaining how we can deploy the skills of our employees in our projects to maximum effect. This permanent structure and the maintenance of know-how allow ELCA to take on project orders, which help to extend our shared knowledge.

Project responsibility
We consider that it is very important to actively involve our customers in the project management. To this end, ELCA has developed a project management approach, which permits extensive monitoring of performance, quality and costs. Our approach sets the right speed for the development of the project and ensures that the projects are successfully completed on schedule and to budget. Within this framework ELCA's engineers have access to effective tools with which they can steer even the most complex projects to a successful conclusion.

Customer satisfaction
A successful list of satisfied customers is evidence of our continuing success since we were established in 1968. We generally implement several projects for our customers, many of which are often of strategic importance, and the collaboration, which generally extends over many years, develops into a trusting partnership.

Workplace at a central location
ELCA sites are in city centres and are easy to reach by public transport. Employees of ELCA benefit from the high living standards of Switzerland. This is true, whether you are working at the head office in Lausanne or the branch offices in Zurich, Bern or Geneva. Some of the best ski resorts in the Alps are not far away. Lakes provide plenty of opportunities for water sports and the majority of European capitals are only a few hours away by train or plane.

Pension scheme
Swiss pensions policy is based on a limited State pension. This is supplemented by a pension regime that is financed both by the company and the employee. ELCA offers an extremely attractive pension system: both employer contributions and returns on capital are substantially higher than the average for Switzerland. ELCA employees can therefore be confident that they will maintain their living standard in retirement, too.

Job opportunities

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Finance/Legal Legal Counsel
Marketing/Sales Microsoft P-Seller (80-100%) – ZH
HR/Support HR Compensation & Benefits Specialist
IT Management Senior IT-Projektleiter/In "Defense and Law Enforcement" (100%)
Web Development Junior Web Developer Magento
Web Development Senior Web developer Drupal
Software Engineering Lead Developeur Front-end
Software Engineering System and Network Engineer
Software Engineering Junior IT Technician
IT Management Head of Banking Division
Web Development Frontend Developer
Portal/Collaboration Sharepoint Consultant
HR/Support Back Office Allrounder (100%)
Business Consulting Consultant Enterprise Architecture
Business Intelligence - Big Data Data Scientist
Software Engineering Project Manager - Defense and Law
Software Engineering IAM Consultant – Security Engineer
Enterprise Content Management Junior System Integrator
Business Consulting Business Analyst
Portal/Collaboration MS Sharepoint Specialist
Mobile Development Mobile Applications Developer
Software Engineering IT Project Manager
Software Engineering Interaction Designer
Enterprise Content Management ECM Consultant
Business Intelligence - Big Data Business Intelligence Consultant
Business Consulting Business Consultant Banking
Software Engineering Senior .NET Developer

Personal development

The most advanced methods, a feel for technical excellence and scope for professional development mean that employees of ELCA always have an opportunity to take their expertise to a higher level.

Versatile corporate structure
In order to adapt effectively to innovations in the market and in our projects, our company structure has to keep pace with these changes. Consequently, professional further development does not only involve progressing up the “career ladder” in the company: it also offers innovative and completely new routes – for example, by creating new positions which allow our employees to contribute and develop their skills in an entirely new area.

Coaching offers ELCA engineers one of the best ways of improving their technical and business skills. At ELCA you learn through coaching by expert colleagues, who have many years of experience in the job. Our company structure and project organisation fosters learning from each other and ensures that it is possible to learn from the skills of other team members. This is a feature of the strong team at ELCA.

Roles and support
Employees who actively want to take on responsibility are given the option of managing projects at a very early stage. ELCA's structure supports this and our project managers are always backed up by the whole company. Our management operates a policy of openness that allows everyone to obtain advice from the management at any time.

Job rotation
Another factor that helps us to keep our skills right up to date at all times is job rotation. When assigning engineers to the different projects, we ensure that employees come into contact with different types and sizes of project in rotation and therefore have a chance to gain new skills with every task and every project.

Continuous feedback
Our employees are given valuable feedback on the results they have achieved, the scope for development and their next steps within the company in the course of regular feedback interviews with a head of department.

Training concept

Knowledge is an effective tool. Knowledge creates trust, security and motivation. This is why ELCA places particular emphasis on the acquisition, transfer and dissemination of know-how.

ELCA creates an environment which particularly promotes the transfer of knowledge – through in-house communication, the use of the right tools and methods, individual training plans and continuous learning on the job, for example in expert and diverse project teams and from experienced colleagues. It is important to us that what has been learnt can be implemented in practice at an early stage and consolidated.

Our training approach
Our training strategy focuses on three areas – training of the employee as a person, as a member of the ELCA team and as an expert in a technical or specialist subject area.

  • Personal development
    It is important to enhance personal skills and improve personal responses, apart from anything to be able to deal with difficult situations more effectively. This primarily takes the form of outside courses on topics such as management, communications skills, negotiation, auditing techniques and through language courses.
  • Entrepreneurial skills and corporate culture
    Training in this field concentrates on areas such as skills in project management, quality control, consultancy methods or producing successful quotations. Employees learn how to manage and implement projects successfully and, at the same time, get to know our agile project methodology. The company's culture and values are also taught at these courses.
  • Specialist technical knowledge
    Courses that deal with IT products (specific databases, development tools, etc.) as well as courses on fundamental IT concepts (object modelling, decentralised systems, communication systems, IT architecture, security and similar). At these training courses participants expand their general IT knowledge, for instance through external courses, specific reading, visits to trade shows or attendance of specialist seminars.

Course types

  • External courses
    ELCA works with leading trainers and experts to set up external training courses with customized content. The key aspect of these compact courses is to acquire genuine specialist knowledge. If required, ELCA also uses standard courses that are offered directly by specialist organisations.
  • In-house courses
    ELCA has successfully developed its own training processes and methods. This knowledge is taught in courses, which are led by ELCA company employees.
  • In-house seminars
    In-house seminars form one of our most effective training methods. Here all interested ELCA employees are able to take part in presentations on projects, products and/or concepts.

Training committee
The training committee is a permanent feature of ELCA's corporate strategy. This committee proposes training activities, which are based on an annual, global training catalogue. Training activities may also be identified on the basis of requirements that result from various projects or services or are based on annual feedback discussions, which the company has with all employees.

Competence centres
ELCA competence centres play an important role when acquiring and sharing specialist knowledge. They concentrate on specific themes and the relevant members ensure that ELCA's activities in this area are always “state of the art” and the company can offer its customers the latest solutions and consultancy of outstanding quality. The pooled knowledge and experience gained is collated by ELCA internally and is therefore accessible for all employees.

What our employees say

Diversity is an essential aspect of ELCA's culture. In our company you will find a young, dynamic and culturally diverse team, made up of over thirty nationalities and 23 languages.

At ELCA you will meet colleagues from Switzerland Europe, America and Asia, all of whom contribute daily to make ELCA the company it is today. The following statements have been recorded in the mother tongue of the employee concerned a few months after they started work at ELCA.

During the last 12 years I have had the opportunity to work in ELCA’s branches in Lausanne, Madrid and Zürich, and I’ve been able to develop an exciting career as an engineer, consultant and manager. My colleagues and more senior managers have always given me the support I needed along the way.

Joseba, Mondragon University (ES), PhD EPFL, ELCA Zurich

After several years at university, I didn’t expect to find a position in industry that would allow me to work in operations and to investigate cutting edge solutions. At ELCA, my experience as a researcher is very much in demand and I’m happy to be closely involved with the many technical challenges that great companies want to resolve.

Silvia, EPFL, PhD University of York (UK), ELCA Lausanne

ELCA has given me a fasttrack career opportunity as a software consultant and manager. I am learning from topnotch software professionals and experiencing the newest innovations in IT by being involved in the implementation of various interesting projects.

Mei, National University of Singapore, ELCA Lausanne

The high degree of structure, professionalism and quality, together with the project work itself and the opportunity to get involved in a variety of industries is what led to my decision to work with ELCA.

Rose-Line, ETH Zürich, ELCA Zürich

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