Client engagement for asset managers
A ready-to-use client-engagement solution to efficiently manage client relationships across all digital touchpoints – tailored to the needs of asset management companies.

Good news for any asset managers looking for an efficient, centralised process to manage their client relationships across all digital touchpoints.

ELCA has developed an affordable and ready-to-use solution tailored to the needs of asset management (AM) companies and divisions that reduces initial investments and operational costs by at least 30%. 

Contact our AM experts to find out  how to increase the productivity of your business and improve your client relationship management, sales and marketing processes.

The idea is simple, but the impact is huge: asset managers have specific needs in terms of managing their client relationships, which means that standard technology solutions often need to be customised. Therefore, instead of repeating the same process of analysing the specifics of a particular business and customising the technology to suit each client every time (and charging the client for the privilege), ELCA has developed an industry-specific template for a CRM/client-engagement solution, including predefined AM features, based on its industry experience and technological expertise.

Aside from significant cost reductions, this industry-specific template also offers AM companies a range of additional benefits:

  • Know your clients: the solution offers a 360-degree view of your clients and their history, reflecting your entire client ecosystem (including consultants and fund managers). 
  • A single, comprehensive solution: using this template, you can manage all important sales and marketing activities, contract management processes and other services, and generate detailed analyses and reports to maintain a clear view of your business situation.
  • Push digital transformation: this modern solution is geared towards digital transformation and prepares the ground for a range of digital initiatives, including 
    - the implementation of fully digital and automated processes; 
    - centralised management of all digital touchpoints and the client/user journey across all channels and devices; and 
    - direct client interaction via a client portal or mobile app. 
  • Start within one month: thanks to the ready-to-use template, your new client-engagement solution can be live and producing results in just one month.
  • Reduce costs and get a return on your investment: you can make savings between 30% and 40% compared to a custom-made CRM project based on the same technology. This is because 
    - ELCA implements the solution on a fixed-price basis, giving you the security to plan your budget accordingly; and
    - specific AM features are already included, meaning you do not start from scratch.
  • Invest in the future: the solution is based on cutting-edge technology and supported by a large global community; it can easily be expanded with no large-scale investments and allows a quick time to market for new, innovative features.

Based on proven, modern technology, using your preferred operating model
ELCA’s client-engagement solution for asset managers is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology. The worldwide Microsoft Dynamics community is huge, meaning a wide range of expertise and resources are already at your disposal and will continue to be available in the future. ELCA customised the standard version of this technology to suit the requirements of AM companies and enhanced it with a number of specific features.

« Low interest rates have increased the fight for profitability for asset managers and hence client retention and relationship management is experiencing a new rise. In this complex market, digital solutions are needed to keep track of your client wishes, preferences and investment behaviour and to manage your business effectively and cost-efficiently. We developed this vertical solution based on industry best practices and we are convinced it serves asset managers in manifold ways »

Romain Raynal, Senior CRM Manager at ELCA.

As one of the biggest independent Swiss IT solution providers, ELCA combines profound expertise with broad experience in the fields of IT business consulting, software development and software maintenance as well as IT systems integration. A leading name in the dynamic IT industry for over 50 years, ELCA has also been a reliable partner in the financial industry for approximately 40 years. ELCA employs 50 certified CRM experts and specialists, providing them with ongoing training.

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