Amazon and Azure are the leading public cloud providers. ELCA is a leading AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Azure partner in Switzerland and has many years’ experience working with these services.

How to enjoy cloud benefits using relevant services?


At the beginning the “cloud” was purely used for computing and storage capacity. Pricing, scalability, architecture were already a challenge. Today, so many services and solutions are available on AWS and Azure, it’s now even more of a challenge to know which to use, and to be able to manage them. ELCA has the experience and know-how to help you choose.


ELCA is Microsoft’s Tier-1 Cloud Services Provider and AWS Partner and Reseller.


We work closely with AWS and Azure and can manage all of your cloud services – from Skype for business to Lambda AWS Functions development.


It’s now possible to build a full information system in the cloud from employees’ virtual workspaces to Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

We can accompany you along this implementation process as a uniquely experienced provider for Azure and AWS products: 

  • Analysis of requirements and definition of eligible applications.
  • Architecture and dimensions of the platform.
    • Refactoring and interfacing with internal applications.
    • Support services (SLA) and load management (elasticity).
    • Choice of tools.
    • Estimates and cost controls.
  • Selection of third-party cloud service provider(s).
  • Management of security constraints.
  • Building of the platform.
  • Migration to the platform.
  • Support of the platform.
  • Aggregated billing of services and cost optimization.

We usually start with a small business application as proof of concept. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or a demonstration!