ELCA can offer you various encryption solutions as well as appropriate storage to satisfy your requirements in the best possible way.

For several years, the use of the cloud as a cost-effective means of storing high volumes of non-confidential data has been widespread. However, the use of the cloud will only achieve its full potential in cases where applications have been specifically designed right from the start to benefit from this.

Our services cover all the options offered to you by the cloud:

  • Help to adapt your IT strategy to gain the most of the advantages offered by the cloud
  • A study of the solution architecture using the cloud
  • Integration of solutions in “Software as a Service” (SaaS) with your traditional local applications
  • Implementation of hybrid cloud scenarios
  • Development of solutions based on SaaS offerings
  • Development of SaaS solutions

The architecture study will also highlight some choices regarding the type of cloud used: the public cloud provides maximum standardisation, the private cloud is required if you wish to keep full control of your data, and the hybrid cloud provides a judicious combination of the features of the public and private clouds.

Security of the data to be processed as well as the physical location of where it will be stored must also be studied during the architecture phase of the project.