All-in-one Swiss Cloud Security Broker (CASB) security solution from ELCA protects your data in the cloud.

CLOUDTRUST ensures safe use of public/private cloud applications by providing sophisticated access control, identity management and encryption of your data.

Public cloud apps and services such as Office 365, Salesforce and Google Apps bring significant added value to organizations. They improve their agility and competitiveness through better collaboration and productivity, while keeping reduced infrastructure costs down.


Several industries are nevertheless still reluctant to store their confidential and business data in the cloud due to security or compliance concerns. This is particularly true for businesses in the financial, insurance or the health domain. Moreover, most of them have no visibility on unofficial or risky cloud applications used by their employees (called "Shadow IT")


CLOUDTRUST addresses security and compliance concerns in an innovative way – with an all-in-one cloud security solution. A full identity management solution is available as a managed service at ELCA, or on-site at your organization.

  • Easy integration: conveniently integrate CLOUDTRUST with your applications thanks to standard interfaces such as SAML, OAuth or OpenID Connect.
  • Open source: identity federation and encryption of your valuable assets shall be available for every organization. CLOUDTRUST is based on open-source tools and frameworks, which provide you with greater confidence regarding security. CLOUDTRUST is not a vendor lock-in CASB.
  • Modern UX: management functions, dashboards and self-service features are available through a modern, user-friendly web interface.
  • Available as Managed services: our solution is available either on premise or as a managed CASB solution, hosted in a secured Swiss data center at a member of the VigiSwiss association.
  • Compliance and Swiss quality: a solution designed, implemented and hosted in Switzerland or at your company premises, thus respecting data sovereignty.
  • Searchable encryption: ELCA's Crypto R&D team developed an innovative searchable encryption method that allows efficient searching of encrypted data stored in the cloud.
  • Secure encryption: CLOUDTRUST uses standard AES-256 and FPE (Format Preserving Encryption) algorithms to protect your data. CLOUDTRUST identifies and encrypts existing data found in cloud services and transparently encrypts new data uploaded to the cloud in real time.
  • Secure Key handling: encryption keys are securely stored within a hardware security module (HSM) from a Swiss provider. Even our staff cannot access your keys and you retain sole control via a secure key management system.

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