Collaboration & Intranet

As in our daily life social interaction happen more and more using digital media, employees expect to be offered IT-solutions that not only support but leverage the collaboration within and outside the enterprise on both desktop and mobile devices. Nowadays, thanks to various cloud offerings, social and collaboration platforms are not any longer reserved to high-end companies but can also be offered to SME.

The success of the implementation of a collaborative solution mainly consists of two dimensions.

The first dimension is the analysis of the user behavior within the enterprise and the improvement of this behavior into the new collaborative solution to be deployed. ELCA has developed a proven to work know how in this discipline of interaction design in its User eXperience competency center.

The second dimension is the integration skill of the solution provider. A valuable collaboration solution (on premise or in the cloud) needs to be integrated with the backend services of the enterprise and some features need to be tailored to the enterprise-specifics, which raises very interesting challenges. ELCA has here again a well renowned track record.

ELCA is used to delivering collaborative solutions based on enterprise-grade products such as SharePoint, Office 365, Oracle Web Center, EMC Documentum, Drupal and Alfresco.

Our offering:   

  • Corporate Intranets, Enterprise Social Networks and Extranets
  • User-driven interaction design, visual design
  • Consulting on collaboration and cloud solutions
  • Implementation of social and collaboration features
  • Contextualization of information
  • Enterprise search
  • Information architecture / content strategy
  • Integration with backend services (ERP, CRM, Line-of-business applications, etc.)

« Every employee can view all important documents immediately in the customer dossier. This allows us to provide information quickly and competently – to our customers and also internally. »

Claudia Lehmann, Head of Customer Services, Helsana.