Conti­nuous Deploy­ment

Empower your software development teams to reliably deliver valuable changes to users on demand

Empower your software development teams to reliably deliver valuable changes to users on demand. Train and coach your teams so they become masters of the delivery pipeline.

We believe continuous delivery is a key enabler for the digital transformation of enterprises. Continuous delivery is the ability to push, on demand, any change (feature, bug fix, experiment) into the hands of users, in production or in non-production environments.


Digitization accelerates the pace at which enterprises deliver value to their customers. Time-to-market, ability to pivot to address new customer needs and built-in quality are key success factors that continuous delivery enable.


Continuous delivery is built on strong foundations your teams need to master beforehand: automated configuration management, continuous integration and continuous testing.


Automated configuration management consists in treating all deployment scripts as code and in automating all deployment steps (build, deployment, regression testing, infrastructure provisioning, …). The key benefits of automated configuration management are reproducibility and traceability.


Continuous integration is an essential software development practice where team members integrate their work daily. Integration is performed by an automated build process that includes tests to detect any defects as early as possible.


Continuous testing consists in running different types of automated tests (unit tests, integration tests, acceptance tests, …) at specific stages of the delivery pipeline. This provides fast feedback to the teams and allows detection and correction of potential defects in a timely and efficient way.

Continuous Delivery is an ELCA Consulting service offering.
  • On-site agile coaches, automated test experts and DevOps engineers train and coach your teams to implement and master continuous delivery.
  • Design, implementation and set-up of the delivery pipeline tools.
  • Online dashboards acting as information disseminators, sharing the health of the delivery pipeline with everyone in the room.

ELCA engineers practice continuous delivery daily in the context of software development projects for customers. SecuTix 360, the comprehensive ticketing solution from ELCA relies intensively on continuous delivery.


A key enabler of continuous delivery is the Agile Software Factory, an ELCA solution that covers all of the automated processes and tools required to enable the continuous delivery pipeline.