CRM Framework for Financial Institutions

The “CRM Framework for Financial Institutions” provided by ELCA is based on agile project management and is independent of CRM solutions on the market.

ELCA's “CRM Framework for Financial Institutions” (FFI) is the product of many years of experience gained through implementing CRM projects requiring expertise in the field of banking. This suite of tools simplifies and accelerates the design and deployment of CRM solutions specially designed for financial institutions (“time to market”) so that the return on investment can be maximised.

Expertise in banking and CRM combined

ELCA's “CRM Framework for Financial Institutions” is a tool box that speeds up the process of compiling requirements and designing CRM solutions for the financial sector. It includes all the instantiated tools for professions in the world of finance and provides structured and exhaustive coverage of all areas of CRM: a “best practice” data model, a list of attributes, processes, interfaces, initial data migration, reports, multi-tenancy architectures and a multilingual capability.

« With ELCA's CRM Framework for Financial Institutions, banks and financial institutions can concentrate on their own needs and requirements for deploying or extending their CRM. »

Giuseppe Stella, head of the Banking division at ELCA

ELCA's CRM Framework for Financial Institutions includes:

  • A standardised and structured approach and project management to accelerate CRM projects.
  • Analytical grids, checklists, models and catalogues of attributes.
  • The guarantee that an exhaustive list of all requirements has been compiled.
  • Consideration of the special features of the financial sector and the benefit of ELCA's experience gained through the company's years of experience in CRM.
  • A cost-value analysis allowing the work to be prioritised.
  • Simplified communication between the customer and ELCA in the different phases of the project – the offer, the launch and deployment.