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We focus on your cybersecurity, so you can focus on your business. Your resilience is not just our goal, it is our passion.

ELCASecurity and BlueVoyant have joined forces, combining their extensive expertise in IT and Cybersecurity to lay the foundation of a joint venture called Senthorus.  With a focus on customization, ELCA and BlueVoyant cater to your unique needs. By partnering with a trusted Swiss company, you gain access to state-of-the-art protection. The Security Operations Center (SOC) operated by Senthorus is situated in Switzerland, ensuring local processing and storage of data. This centralized hub houses a team of specialized cyber-defense experts, enabling us to provide an integrated security service that is easily accessible to you.


ELCASecurity and BlueVoyant’s partnership delivers modern solutions by leveraging years of experience in IT and Cybersecurity. As a result, you receive bespoke protection from a trusted Swiss company, with all customer data safeguarded within Switzerland. The Senthorus' SOC's presence in Switzerland allows for seamless integration and convenient access to a dedicated team of cyber-defense professionals.


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​​​​​Your all in one partner for comprehensive security. Our mission is to serve and support businesses and governmental organizations in anticipation, protection, detection and defense.

ELCASecurity Services and Solutions

Advisory and professional Serivces

Advisory and Professional Services

Defend against all existing threats and protect against future threats. Improve your organization’s cybersecurity maturity thanks to our deep expertise and broad solutions portfolio.

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

Senthorus provides 24/7 live alerts and event correlation with your IT endpoints and Cloud environment from Switzerland. And your data is guaranteed to stay in Switzerland.

Security Solutions

Security Solutions

TrustID is the trusted Swiss digital identity management. It’s a quick and easy-to-run solution to securely create and manage identities, provide authentication for access to critical services, sensitive data and corporate resources. Our e-signature and federation feature help you speed up your digitalization journey.

Offensive & Defensive Security

Offensive & Defensive Security

Offensive security is a proactive and adversarial approach to protecting computer systems, networks and individuals from attacks.


In contrast, defensive security measures are focused on seeking out the perpetrators and in some cases attempting to disable or at least disrupt their operations. Defensive activity focuses on reactive measures, such as patching software and finding and fixing system vulnerabilities.

Christophe Gerber

ELCASecurity General Manager

Introducing Christophe Gerber, ELCASecurity General Manager

Christophe Gerber

ELCASecurity General Manager

Juan Avellan

Senthorus General Manager

Carlos Pinto

Senthorus Senior Manager

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