Data Management

Since 1968, ELCA has been asked by its customers to address these challenges, which have become all the more pressing since the appearance of Big Data and mobile applications.

Information systems have the aim of acquiring, processing and making data available. These processes are therefore strategic and are the subject of major challenges, in particular as regards non-functional aspects such as speed of processing and access, integrity, quality, relevance volume, flow and security.

All this knowledge gained has been capitalised within a dedicated unit, bringing together a large number of experts in database implementation and optimisation, and rounded off by many years of experience of implementing data warehouses and Business Intelligence solutions.

ELCA's database management offering therefore covers all our customers' needs:

  • Optimisation of applications for all kinds of software architecture (n-tiers, web or non-web, Java, .Net, etc.)
  • Optimisation of batch data processing
  • Database optimisation (indexation, partitioning, parallelisation, configuration, etc.)
  • Database modelling (relational, multidimensional, object, etc.)
  • Implementation or optimisation of data synchronisation/replication processes between multiple sources
  • Implementation of data processing procedures (batch processing, information integration from multiple sources and transformation of models, quality control and improvements, aggregations, consolidations, etc.)
  • Implementation of data migration projects
  • Audit or implementation of security elements
  • Implementation of Master Data Management solutions and help to define the strategy to adopt
  • Implementation of architectures geared to Big Data

With more than a hundred projects carried out each year, ELCA's experts are able to respond to the most complex of challenges. Each of our assignments, whether they involve an undertaking on budgets and timescales or a management assessment, was completed successfully and to the full satisfaction of our many customers, who are happy to give references.