Digital Mailroom


Digitisation and classification of incoming post at the earliest possible point in time offers a company massive scope for optimisation within its business processes. Information in specialist applications or core processes is presented clearly, avoiding media discontinuity, using digitisation, automatic data extraction and amalgamation with other electronic formats.

ELCA Mailroom is the ideal basis for optimising your business processes and implementing a paperless office. Apart from conventional digitisation of paper documents, the processing of fax messages, e-mails and documents transmitted via web portals is supported. Specific solutions allow synchronous communication with the sender in order to acknowledge the receipt of a document electronically.

The ideal solution for optimizing your business processes and implementing a paperless office.

ELCA Mailroom is based on modern scanning and OCR technology, which automates the separation and classification of incoming post. The new generation technologies deployed by ELCA work with layout and content analyses or through storing master data.

ELCA Mailroom has a modular structure and can be adapted to specific customer requirements at any time. The solution consists of three main areas:

  • Digitisation and separation of documents from incoming stacks
  • Data extraction and classification of documents
  • Handover of documents and index information to ECM solutions

ELCA Mailroom is not purely limited to technical implementation: it also includes organisational aspects. ELCA can also offer an outsourcing solution for Digital Mailroom thanks to the company's close collaboration with Swiss Post Solutions.

The advantages to you at a glance:

  • Site consolidation and optimisation when processing the daily post and peak seasonal loads
  • Cost savings on the basis of process optimisation and increased productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction thanks to optimised processes and electronic access to files
  • Site-independent processing of customer inquiries and business processes
  • Valuable statistics provide rapid identification of bottlenecks in processes
  • Savings on internal staff costs due to outsourcing
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