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The way we work has changed and continues to evolve, driven by the tools and potential of digital technology. Today, given the need for speed, we need a digital workplace where people can connect, communicate, co-operate and collaborate without meeting face to face. The immediate benefit is improvement in work efficiency, globally, but there is much more: there are effectively no barriers between people and workplace, which changes the rules for forming teams and where people work. It’s an approach that delivers a competitive advantage to your company.
While new technologies provide benefits in terms of flexibility to the employee, they are an opportunity for the IT department to implement overall governance (taxonomy, retention policy, etc.). The digital workplace aims to provide a single source of information for the employee, which guarantees information integrity and security within the company as well as externally.

ELCA Digital Workplace 

The ELCA digital workplace is a concept that encompasses multiple sets of technologies, integration techniques, strategies, know-how, etc. The concept allow us to create multiple workspaces, such as:

  • Customer workspace: Contains all data relevant regarding the customer: contact details, business relevant data and all the documentation related to it. This workspace is fully integrated with MS Dynamics CRM or any other company customer reference base (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • Portfolio and Project workspace: Contains all information regarding the ongoing project: meetings minutes, planning, all documentation, organization, etc. This workspace offers various means of communication: within the project team, for the management (KPI, performance report, …)
  • Employee workspace: Contains all HR documents regarding the employee (CV, skills matrix, paycheck, work certificate, performance report, etc.) This workspace can be used by HR and by the employee.
  • Public/Private community: Contains all information regarding a topic that is not directly related to a project, a customer or an employee. The aim is to allow collaboration around a common subject on a private (specific group of people) or public (whole company) basis.

The Digital Workplace brings benefits to end-users and IT services, ensuring global efficiency for the whole company.

« The ELCA Digital Workplace has considerably improved collaboration between the different departments at Groupe E, while also implementing the company’s project management methodology. This tool is both simple and intuitive to use, and it allows us to consolidate our project portfolio management and to increase the productivity within our teams.  »

Gilles Tacchini - Groupe E

ELCA’s digital workplace follows a standard architecture framework: the ECM backbone. Basically, this conceptual approach developed by ELCA aims to provide high value services to the end user by applying the power of each technical solution available within the company. As the digital workplace is primarily focused on collaboration and document management, we based our solution on the most advanced product available in that area: Microsoft SharePoint.

ELCA can help you identify how the digital workplace can be deployed within your company, taking into account existing solutions. In addition to providing extensive system integration know-how in ECM, CRM, BI, etc., ELCA experts in User eXperience and IT security are engaged in ensuring the success of your project. They support you in business analysis, customer journey optimization, IT architecture, IT governance and maintenance activities, according to your needs. Our Offshore center in Vietnam, as well as automated migration services, mean we can speed up implementation of the new solution in the most cost- effective way.

Depending on your needs, we can also offer a framework on top of SharePoint to ease the development and quickly bring added value (Colygon MatchPoint and/or MatchPoint Snow) to your operation.The solution is available on premise or in a private cloud hosted @ELCA.
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