eHealth platform vivates

vivates provides a state-of-the-art solution for Swiss electronic health records, in line with the Swiss Confederation eHealth strategy. By sharing medical data, it contributes to cost control in healthcare and increases the quality of care. The solution can be used to exchange data securely between institutions.

vivates is a solution co-developed by ELCA for Swiss Post, which aims to use information and communication technology to help improve healthcare.

As one of the pioneers in the e-health sector, Swiss Post joined forces with the canton of Geneva and ELCA to come up with the first nationwide electronic patient record system, which is compliant with Switzerland’s eHealth strategy.

With vivates, Swiss Post has developed a modular platform that links healthcare providers digitally and enables a secure exchange of patient data.

vivates modules work like a hub: they receive defined information, encrypt it and transport it securely to the required providers along the treatment path, who have exclusive access to specific data as and when needed. vivates is the first platform that enables comprehensive data management across the entire treatment process.

A modular service portfolio for all healthcare professionals

vivates provides various sophisticated eHealth solutions: ensuring that providers are connected by the right “hub”, i.e. the perfect module, at all times. All modules can be combined with each other and the configuration of the final product is determined by customer requirements.

vivates Service Modules

  • vivates Patient Record : access to patient data in compliance with data protection requirements
  • vivates Referral : simple and efficient hospital referrals
  • vivates Medication : reliable medication thanks to clear prescriptions
  • vivates Care Plan : effective coordination of care measures
  • vivates Report Transfer:  secure transfer of medical document

« To support integrated care processes, a specific ICT system that allows the planning, operation and control of workflows is needed. Vivates fulfills this requirement and is the only system that is fully compatible with IHE and the requirements of the Swiss Confederations coordination body eHealth Suisse. With ELCA we have a strong partner that provides competent, full-time support. »

Quote from Silvio Frey, Head of Marketing and Sales eHealth - SwissPost

eHealth platform vivates

The advantages of vivates at a glance

  • Secure data management
  • Decentralised encrypted data storage
  • High flexibility thanks to modular design
  • Access to patient data - anywhere, any time
  • Quick and simple access to medical data
  • Optimisation of medical care resulting from access to various treatment data
  • In compliance with the legal requirements for data processing, with the Swiss eHealth strategy and linked to the EU pilot project epSOS (European Patients Smart Open Services)
  • Follows the standards from IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise)

Several cantons already place their trust in the secure electronic health solutions from Swiss Post including the cantons of Geneva, Ticino and Vaud, as do the hospitals in the canton of Aargau.