ECM Backbone

ECM (Enterprise Content Management) ensures that information, and hence the knowledge it contains, is available at the right time, in its entirety and, above all, is compliant with legal standards and internal regulations.

In principle, ECM sounds simple. However, due to vast amount of data, different tools and concepts it’s often a big struggle for organizations. They usually run a highly complex and heterogeneous system landscape, consisting of various ECM solutions (e.g., archiving, search, records management, etc.) making it hard to provide a central point of information for employees or to demonstrate compliance.

ELCA’s new ECM Backbone concept provides a solution for these problems – with a methodology that makes working with ECM considerably easier and more efficient. ELCA uses synergies, exploiting investments that have already been made, and prepares the organization to cope with current and future challenges. ELCA’s ECM Backbone establishes the basic prerequisites for successfully implementing your digital content management transformation.

ELCA’s ECM Backbone concept delivers an efficient digital workplace

The ECM Backbone is not another software solution; rather, it’s a conceptual process, with a technological and methodical toolbox made up of four fields:

Provide ECM components and functionalities: Conduct an analysis of the existing ECM landscape and identify possible gaps or redundancies in the functionalities needed for ECM. 

Hide heterogeneity via the ECM integration layer: Implement the integration layer in order to decouple the front-end from the back-end, to consolidate access to the various silos of information and thus simplify access within the heterogeneous ECM landscape.

Extend the benefits of ECM: Using an integration client, with a harmonized user experience, the benefits of ECM functionalities are provided in an easy to integrate way, e.g., enabling sustainable use in business applications. With integration clients you get the most out of the ECM infrastructure, enabling synergies and increasing the benefits for your organization.

Define and enforce the rules: With a consolidated, comprehensive file plan integrated into the ECM landscape, management can administer the compliance aspects of ECM that are business critical. The file plan can be enforced centrally and proof of compliance can easily be provided to authorities.