The next decades’ customers, the Y generation and soon the digital natives, are transforming dramatically the marketing strategies as well as the companies’ sales and marketing processes: flexible product catalogues, shortened time-to-market, personalized customer relationships, integration of social networks...

Thank to more than 10 years of experience in the area of entertainment and transport, ELCA is developing its eCommerce approach to help its clients to achieve these challenges also on other strong potential markets such as healthcare and insurances among others.

Because digital native users expect seamless cross-channel experience, the management in real time of all the communication channels (omni-channels capabilities) is today critical for the success of a product in the market. ELCA provides and operates in the cloud a sales and marketing services platform SecuTix, which has been natively built as a multi-channel and customer centric solution.

Drawing on the experience of the many projects we have developed or analyzed over the last years, we have decided to capture and document the most successful patterns and practices from a variety of internet/extranet systems, including our SecuTix 360 ticketing solution.

The resulting Reference Architecture provides a framework for planning, designing and developing a broad range of internet-enabled customer-facing systems, such as online retail applications, cyber-administration portals, e-banking platforms, or customer extranets.