ELCA eDossier allows all documents and correspondence from and to customers to be managed. As documents are fully managed in an electronic file, which is made available centrally for employees, availability of information is better and this, in turn makes the day-to-day work of advising customers easier. With the implementation of a solution of this kind, document processes have become much more efficient and customer requests are processed quickly and to a high quality.

A solution that will make both your customers and your employees satisfied thanks to fast and efficient after-sales service.

ELCA eDossier manages all the documents which administrators require for their daily work. The necessary documents can be viewed at one glance and can be shown classified according to categories. Modern search features reduce the time required enormously.

ELCA eDossier is a flexible “best practice” solution, which combines technical versatility with many years of experience in the Swiss market. The solution is implemented as a turnkey solution and offers considerable benefits, both for the user department and for IT operations.

ELCA eDossier is based on ECM products that are market leaders, which ELCA has adapted to suit the requirements of specific industries. Our solutions are used by customers in the fields of finance and insurance, as well as by customers in the public sector.

ELCA eDossier provides administrators with a 360° view of case-related documents. Administrators can respond to customer enquiries quickly, thanks to the dynamic linking of related information from specialist applications, ELCA Mailroom, Customer Communication Management and the electronic archive.

The advantages to you at a glance:

  • Customer satisfaction thanks to fast and efficient after-sales service
  • Your employees are satisfied, as they can access all relevant information efficiently from a central point
  • Electronic aids reduce the time required to find documents
  • Reduction in costs thanks to the elimination of paper archives and the need to physically transport paper between departments
  • Clearer overview and ability to measure processes
  • Simple distribution of work steps to several employees without being limited to a specific location
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