News - 25 August 2015

ELCA digitalises the school medical service of the city of Zurich

The City of Zurich awarded ELCA a new eHealth project: ELCA will replace the paper-based and manually maintained medical records of approximately 27,500 Zurich pupils with a digital version which will also be available on mobile devices.

Around 27,500 pupils are supervised by the school medical service of Zurich. The services they provide include preventive health check-ups, vaccinations, consultations in case of complaints, head-lice inspections (Lauskontrolle) and nutrition advice. So far, more than 30 professionals in the school medical service work with patient records – on paper. A lengthy and error-prone process, especially as selected health data must be exchanged with other physicians or health insurance providers. In addition, the paper files need a lot of storage space, since they must be archived according to legal requirements for a certain period of time.

The Zurich branch of the Swiss IT specialist ELCA is now assisting the school medical service with digitalisation and providing them with a software solution that enables the staff to set up and manage patient records entirely digitally.

The services of the school medical service cover preventive health check-ups, vaccinations, consultations in case of complaints, head-lice inspections (Lauskontrolle) and nutrition advice.

New patient records also available via mobile device and with new analysis features

Since the school medical service covers all schools in the districts of Zurich, there will be a mobile version for smartphones and tablets. ELCA will develop a mobile application with a specialised “cockpit”, i.e. a user interface that is specially made for working while on the go. So the employees of the school medical service will have the medical records always with them and can enter, already during the examination, findings and measurements from the medical check-up into the system with just a few steps.

Another highlight for the employees of the school medical service who will work in future with the ELCA solution is the ability to do statistical evaluations and quick and easy data analysis: if there is, for example, a student with a contagious disease, doctors can use the software solution to promptly check whether the child has siblings and in which schools, and whether there have already been similar cases of illness at other schools. 

Data protection and access permissions play a significant role in this project, which is closely monitored by the municipal data protection authority (städtische Datenschutzstelle).

The health sector is on its way to digitalisation – interfaces are important

Since the entire health care sector is currently in transition and is increasingly relying on digital processes – keyword “eHealth” – a forward-looking and integrated solution is important. For example, it is planned to directly invoice medical services to the health insurance companies via TARMED. In addition, the chosen approach allows for future expansions such as the connection to e-health platforms like the website, which offers a digital version of vaccination records.

The ELCA solution is based on the standard CRM software solution Microsoft Dynamics CRM and has been customised by ELCA according to the individual requirements of the school medical service. Following an invitation to tender in 2014, ELCA was awarded with this project, which is worth about 400,000 Swiss francs, in May 2015.

Read more about CRM at ELCA here.

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