ELCA supports banks in their digital transformation process

In a global context where new technologies, new competitors and new client's expectations threaten incumbent banks, digital transformation becomes a key success factor.


From the digital assessment analysis, to IT and organizational alignments or project developments, ELCA has supported many banks in Switzerland in implementing their digital roadmap to transform their businesses.

Banks are already reinventing the customer journey to provide instant onboarding, and instant access to services and support. Where do you stand?

To achieve digital maturity, banks must align their organization, redefine their operating models and turn data into actions.

Discover how ELCA can help you to transform your bank into a successful digital business:

  1. Define your roadmap to digital maturity: To define your Digital Reference Architecture you must evaluate where your IT and organization stand and plan the changes required via a digital assessment study.
  2. Develop your digital customer journey: ELCA can help you define your Digital Reference Architecture and to implement and deploy your business applications.
  3. Move your applications to the cloud: ELCA can host your business application in Switzerland to streamline your operational costs and protect your data. More info

How Swiss banks go digital with ELCA ?

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