ELCA Vietnam Scenario

ELCA Vietnam is one of our development centers. A 100% subsidiary of ELCA Informatique SA its mission is to support our Swiss-based team.


Thanks to ELCA Vietnam we are able to offer Swiss service and quality IT projects at lower cost.  Each year more than 150 ELCA development and maintenance projects are implemented with a so-called "Vietnam Scenario". This number is steadily increasing due to the successful results.

At the end of the 1990s ELCA was one of the first Western European companies to build up its own development center in Vietnam. ELCA Vietnam works exclusively for our software development teams in Switzerland, leveraging the same methods and processes that contribute to ELCA’s leading quality.


After 20 years’ experience and close collaboration, ELCA’s Vietnamese scenarios and processes have achieved a very high degree of maturity in terms of experience and optimization. This offers the Swiss team opportunities to scale up its development capacity, even at short notice, and to offer its customers cost-efficient solutions and fixed-priced agreements. This model gives ELCA customers a very high level of planning certainty and greatly reduced risk.

Transparency and reduced project costs for the customer 

In a classic project with a Vietnam scenario it is transparent to our customers that parts of the developments are managed outside Switzerland. Engineers in Switzerland draw up the specifications in consultation with the customer and decide on the scope for relocating project implementation to Vietnam, and to what extent. In the course of the project the personnel from ELCA Vietnam regularly visit their Swiss colleagues and these visits are reciprocated in order to ensure the success of the project. The customer has contact with the head of the project and his team based in Switzerland, who monitor all phases of the project.
The Swiss team is responsible for the delivery, integration and the testing (Test Factory).

ELCA Switzerland as "prime contractor" is in charge of:

  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Need coverage.
  • User support and training.
  • Global quality and schedule.

ELCA Vietnam manages the relocated "sub-projects":

  • Technical quality.
  • Technical support and documentation.
  • Sub-project quality and schedule.

An ELCA Vietnam Scenario is compatible with agile lifecycle

Since 2007, ELCA Vietnam teams hace been appraised at CMMI maturity level 3. ELCA has also introduced the Scrum-inspired “Agile IT method” allowing integration of fix-priced Vietnam scenarios, which ensure more added value in developed functionality and easier deployment of complex software systems.