Emergency Services

ELCA cloud-based managed applications for the emergency services

As a Managed Services Provider, ELCA plays a leading role in helping services like yours to digitise operations: we offer continuous (24x7) availability, scalable solutions tailored to fit your operational teams, maintain operational continuity, manage budgets and maximise field expertise.

About BlueFire

ELCA is a leading supplier of application solutions for emergency services (BlueFire), which may be implemented either on site or via a SaaS model (Software as a Service). By opting for a SaaS solution, you will enjoy the benefits of a managed service. ELCA's technical department runs the application on its hybrid cloud management platform, hosted in Switzerland. This keeps the applications completely secure and up-to-date without any involvement by yourselves.

By taking advantage of the cloud services option, you will enjoy all the benefits of the ELCA security package, which comprises a range of services and integrated solutions. This will allow you to develop a holistic, unique approach to operational procedures as well as a comprehensive solution for all your needs at all levels in the enterprise.

The benefits to your organisation:
  • Continuous solutions availability (24x7)
  • An infrastructure scaled to fit your operational teams
  • Maintain operational continuity
  • Manage budgets

Our critical infrastructure application development professionals who work alongside our business consultants in the police, security and intelligence agencies are fully aware of how best to address your specific concerns for the emergency services. You will benefit from the expertise of a team that is used to working with sensitive data in highly secure environments.