Energy and IT strategy consulting

In a dynamically changing environment, a company’s business strategy must adapt continuously. Based on its thorough understanding of the energy sector and unrivalled expertise in information technology, ELCA can deliver a unique value proposition to CxOs and project managers.

How can I benefit from market opportunities? How can I develop an IT Strategy congruent with my company strategy? What are the best practices to apply in developing a new IT solution and to digitize my processes? How can I design a product containing a high level of energy expertise withnew IT technologies? ELCA provides a unique service that combines energy and IT know-how and supports you from first idea to strategy and implementation.


The energy sector is undergoing profound change: decentralization is replacing centralization, subscribers are taking on the role of customers and sometimes, become prosumers. Digitalization is reshaping internal working processes and practices together with customer and external partner relationships.


Energy sector businesses are facing challenges to their traditional business models, causing them to rethink their corporate strategies. IT, which historically played a minor, supporting role in the sector, is now assuming a critically important role in guaranteeing the capability to launch new products and support new business models. It has become vital to realign a company’s IT strategy, define a new set of requirements and plan technical and organizational change to support business strategy.



In order to help companies in the energy sector confront these challenges, ELCA provides strategic consulting based on its in-depth understanding of the energy and IT sectors.


ELCA experts guide you at every stage to ensure the success of your strategic and marketing projects:

  • Enterprise strategy.
  • Partnership strategy.
  • IT strategy.
  • Digital strategy.
  • Product development.
  • Innovation / Proof-of-Concept / new concept development.
  • Management of complex projects.

We leverage our expertise to help you bring innovative new products to market, advise you on the best choice of technology and partners, help adapt your business in the face of upcoming challenges and how best to achieve your business goals. We support you every step of the way by providing solution experts in:

  • IT and energy business consulting.
  • Big data.
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Security.
  • IT systems architecture.
  • Mobility and user experience.

With our wealth of experience, we have supported your industry for over 25 years, helping you to develop your information technology, define your IT strategy, devise a plan to transform your IT systems and organization, design and implement new digitization projects, as well as providing a full range of business consultancy services (architecture, security, choice of solutions, organization and governance).

Recently, we have also worked closely with businesses in your sector to address the following issues:

  • Reviewing and redefining IT strategy.
  • Developing a new high-tech service offering.
  • Conducting needs analyses and identifying and selecting IT solutions.
  • Evaluating business partners and strategies around product management and IT platforms.