Energy transition solutions & Innovation

The new energy context generates new opportunities. Utilities need to serve new businesses and work with new processes and customers. Because traditional IT solutions may not be appropriate. ELCA provides you with specific solutions to manage decentralized generation, real-time acquisition of data, big data and BI architectures and optimization of complex systems

How to meet new business model expectations and requirements such as the self-consumption communities? How to get a competitive advantage by optimally managing the increasing quantity of data generated by the Smart meter rollout and the IoT revolution? ELCA works with you, from business idea, to development to implementation of your business solution.

The energy transition is changing market design. New roles are emerging, traditional business is shifting. There is a need for more decentralized IT architectures responding to a more decentralized energy market. As traditional IT solutions generally provide a limited range of business functions, they are not able to adapt on short notice and with the required agility. The regulatory framework is now set and creates new market roles and business opportunities. Technology provides new possibilities to meter, collect, and analyze a vast amount of data, and predict needs with a higher degree of certainty, agility and cost efficiency.

ELCA provides new IT solutions based on these new technologies and our software engineering capacity supports you to make the energy transition.

Example of new topics we can help you with
  • Self-consumption community administration.
  • Pooling of power plants.
  • Real-time and big data architecture for smart metering.
  • IoT data acquisition and valuation.