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How can you speed up the process of finding the fastest way to your destination? How can you provide your customer with an intuitive and user-friendly mobile application? ​

With ERNEST, we have created the simplest and most efficient experience for querying timetables, because today’s timetables applications are limited. For example, have you ever noticed how difficult it is to find the train that will arrive in Bern at 17:00 with standard timetable application?

ERNEST is a Chatbot that will bring your customers’ travel experience to the next level. With ERNEST, you can choose how you want to make timetables queries, because both voice and keyboard queries are possible. Is asking questions in a natural language (with voice) the easiest way to perform queries for you? ERNEST understands what you ask and provides you with the optimal answer.

ERNEST is a mobile application that allows you to quickly perform simple or complex travel requests. ERNEST understands natural language and is eager to learn from your queries. Ask and he will provide you with a quick and accurate answer to the best way to reach your destination.

Example of natural languages queries:

  • “Je veux aller à Genève à 17:30”: ERNEST uses your current location as the departure point and shows you the result for a journey to Geneva with a departure time of 17:30.
  • “Je veux arriver à Lausanne à 20:00”: ERNEST uses your current location as the departure point and shows you the result for a journey to Lausanne with a destination time of 20:00.
  • “Je veux aller de Lausanne à Genève à 16:00”: ERNEST understands your departure and arrival location from your request and shows you the result for a journey from Lausanne to Geneva, with a departure time of 16:00.

ERNEST stores all your previous queries in your mobile and assists you by proposing your most frequent locations when you write or dictate your queries. ERNEST learns from you and will quickly become your personal and customized assistant.

ERNEST never gets tired, is always accurate, and is available 24/7.

ERNEST relies on open data platform swiss public transport for timetables data and uses geolocalization and voice recognition features from your mobile. The timetable data are updated in real time and are reliable.

ERNEST speaks German and French.

Contact us with the formular at the bottom of the page to receive information on how to download ERNEST. 

What makes ERNEST different to other timetable applications?

  • If you don’t provide him with all necessary information, ERNEST will start a dialogue and ask you for the missing information. ERNEST is clever enough to use contextual information such as your current position and won’t bother you with unneeded questions. You don’t have to give him your target location. You can begin with your departure location or departure time. ERNEST will try to guess the rest.
  • ERNEST is 100% stored in Switzerland, excepted for the "speech-to-text" feature that is provided by Apple or Google. Other Chatbots rely on global IT providers, mostly outside of Europe. ERNEST is 100% located in Switzerland and your data will never be used for any marketing purposes.
  • ERNESTcan easily be integrated into your own applications. ERNEST has been deployed as a library which can be added to any existing application, and with your own corporate identity.
  • ERNEST gets better every day and always stays state of the art. ELCA is working hard to improve the algorithms used by ERNEST in order to take advantage of the latest technological innovations.

Give ERNEST a try. See and hear how ERNEST can improve your customer's travel experience!

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