Fraud Management

Banks, insurance companies, industry and the public sector are experiencing an upsurge in fraudulent activities, which vary greatly and involve considerable expense. These activities are becoming increasingly sophisticated and demand extensive monitoring of the activities of both customers and employees.

ELCA works with its technology partners to design and develop solutions that are adapted to each context.

A growing number of IT solutions are available and these supplement conventional security measures, whether these are in the field of money laundering, market abuse, data theft, forgery or smuggling, to list just a few of the areas involved.

Thanks to expertise in the field of data analysis, which ELCA has been implementing for many years within its Business Intelligence projects, plus the additional input of experts in complex algorithms that can pinpoint anomalies in the behaviour of people and systems and produce alerts where suspicious activities occur, our team of consultants will help you to put in place the most advanced solutions to combat this modern-day scourge.

ELCA offers its customers a suite of services, ranging from risk analysis, concept development and implementation of solutions to operational monitoring and even hosting the solution, thus allowing customers to work with one single partner covering the entire chain.

ELCA offers highly specialised expertise in the following areas:

  • Fight against money laundering and market abuses, as well as their respective regulations
  • Establishment and optimisation of artificial intelligence algorithms for the detection of fraud
  • Implementation of interfaces with IT systems and solutions for monitoring data and activities