Efficient front-end design is the key to success for any new application. The user interface selected is the shop window of the application. It will quickly determine acceptance by future users as well as how efficiently they work.

ELCA tackles this aspect as soon as the start of the project.

Our team of business analysts gather the requirements for interaction linked to the various processes and use cases. The interactions are identified on this basis, as are the contexts in which they are produced.

Our user experience specialists can then develop the best concepts for interaction, depending on the target platform selected, the rich customer application, the web or mobile application and the constraints linked to the applications environment and the type of users.

Pleasing, efficient and high-performing.

ELCA will provide you with a proposal for the best possible compromise between what is possible technically and the needs of the users, so that the product supplied is pleasing, efficient and high-performing.

  • Rich Application: Mainly intended for users within the company and for frequent and productive use. Such applications make it possible to maximize the quantity of information displayed simultaneously and to optimise the processing performance.
  • Web Application: For users both within and outside the company, without requiring specific deployment. These applications minimize the quantity of support required by the IT department because they do not need to be installed on the workstation.
  • Mobile application: Intended for users who require access via a mobile terminal outside the framework of the company. Distinguishing features of these applications are ergonomic constraints closely linked to the specific factors of the terminals used, which do not allow large quantities of data to be displayed simultaneously and provide very specific options for interaction.