News - 20 June 2017

GKB: new e-business platform improves client services

Graubündner Kantonalbank (GKB) has implemented a new website and new online client centre, designed to offer clients a unique level of service and drive digitalisation. ELCA played a key role in this process, creating a modern, client-oriented e-business platform which is based on SharePoint and offers a range of new services. By integrating this platform with its intranet service, which is also based on SharePoint, GKB has succeeded in improving the efficiency of its existing work processes and achieving a high degree of automation. The new platform also made the shortlist for an award at "Best of Swiss Web 2017".

GKB wanted to modernise its website and improve the experience for its clients across all digital channels by offering a range of new digital services. The bank also required highly efficient IT architecture across all channels in order to optimise resources and processes, and the biggest challenge was to meet the differing requirements of GKB’s banking business and those of its clients. 

This required a “two-speed” IT solution. The core banking systems at GKB ensure all core-business processes are highly secure and reliable in accordance with regulatory requirements, yet this often means they are less dynamic. However, clients expect dynamic channels that constantly offer them new functions and services – this made the capability to expand systems easily another essential requirement.


Screenshot ¦ Copyright: GKB

A modern and client-oriented e-business platform based on Microsoft SharePoint technology with manifold new features and built for further evolution.

Modern digital client touchpoints with a fast time to market and more self-service options 
In order to meet GKB’s requirements, ELCA created a modern and client-oriented e-business platform based on Microsoft SharePoint technology, comprised of the website and an online client centre with a login portal. The client centre offers a range of new additional services, allowing clients to edit their personal data, order cash for home delivery or get an overview of their credit card transactions. Both channels offer GKB the following benefits:

  • Fast time to market: the new e-business platform offers a number of new digital services and is designed to enable fast addition and activation of new functions
  • More self-service options, less administration: the new platform automates processes and allows clients to carry out a number of tasks themselves
    o Until now, the bank had to deal with approximately 2,000 requests for address changes every year; today, clients submit their data themselves in the client centre
    o Information such as press releases or interest rates on certain products only needs to be entered once and is then published automatically across the different channels.

Comprehensive automation with SharePoint for the intranet and internet 
Since GKB runs its intranet on Microsoft SharePoint, ELCA also recommended implementing the website and client centre using the same software. Although not strictly Web technology in the traditional sense, SharePoint covers many of GKB’s requirements and can be seamlessly integrated with intranet services, resulting in a high level of automation: 

  • GKB employees can exchange data between systems quickly and efficiently and systematically automate processes. For example, visitor enquiries on the website now automatically trigger electronic workflows that are forwarded to the appropriate advisers via the intranet. 
  • GKB does not require new skills or experts to run and maintain the website and client centre, as these resources already exist for the intranet.

« Right from the off, ELCA impressed us with their in-depth SharePoint expertise when configuring our intranet service. Using SharePoint as a technology platform for both the intranet and internet has allowed us to harness a number of synergies and was, in our view, an efficient approach. This is what made ELCA our preferred partner for this SharePoint project. »

Georg Wismer, head of e-channels at GKB

ELCA: SharePoint expertise embedded in comprehensive technological know-how 
Within the space of eight months, ELCA implemented the new e-business platform for GKB and adapted the standard SharePoint solution to the particular requirements of the bank. High availability and stability were especially important to GKB: the platform had to function smoothly at all times and offer clients a positive user experience. Consequently, all system components (databases, Web servers, login infrastructure, etc.) were designed with a redundant structure and equipped with failover mechanisms.

ELCA is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and employs a 70-person SharePoint team, which has access to the extensive and diverse technological expertise of more than 800 consulting and IT experts at ELCA at all times. This ensures that ELCA clients receive a high-quality, modern solution that provides them with concrete added value and which can be optimally integrated into their IT environment.


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