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Hacking Utopia - University Fribourg

Let's hack: Crack the Building!

On 24th/25th November 2017, ELCA is helping the joint venture composed of Swiss Post and Human-IST to carry out Hacking Utopia for the first time. The motto of this premiere is: “Crack the Building!” Participants will work on challenges with building data provided by Post Real Estate Management and Services Ltd. The participants are supported by specialists from ELCA Informatik AG, the oldest and one of the largest individual and independent software producers in Switzerland​. Those experts will also deliver some workshops throughout the event.​

What is special is that Hacking Utopia is not only about hacking. Rather, participants should also consider how their ideas can be transformed into economically viable marketing opportunities. This event is about developing new, cool tools, as well as about generating appropriate business cases. Hacking Utopia is not just an event for hackers, but for everyone with ideas related to our topics, independently from their respective scientific background.​


When Where Program Cost  
24-25 November 2017 University of Fribourg
​Boulevard de Pérolles 90
​1700 Fribourg
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Details about the challenges

Post Real Estate Management and Services Ltd uses the Locatee Analytics Smart Building Platform to optimize their office buildings. On the basis of the existing LAN- and WLAN-infrastructure, data on the use of buildings are collected and analyzed.
This can be used to optimize the space management of the entire portfolio. Furthermore the office buildings can be designed more user-oriented.
Swiss Post already uses the Locatee Smart Building Platform in various contexts. In buildings with shared desk working stations, screens in the entrance area show for every floor the actual occupancy gade. Thus, the employees know where there are still free desks. If the necessity occurs to concentrate the usage of the available space, the evaluation of the historical data of the buildings utilization up to the workplace level provides a sound basis to decide to which parts of the building how many additional employees can be moved to.

Edy Portman, Professor at the University of Fribourg and co-organizer of the event

However, Post Real Estate is looking for new ideas that can be related to real estate and facility management. You gain access to a data pool from Locatee Analytics and other Open Data sources and generate new use cases. Convince the jury with a promising business model and a simple prototype of the potential of your idea.
Possible topic areas for use cases are:

  • Challenge 1 – Maintenance: In the case of working stations which are never or very rarely used, a defect in the infrastructure could be the reason. Building and facility management can efficiently and purposefully control these desks and ensure a high quality of the working environment.
  • Challenge 2 – Predictive Analysis: Predicting the occupancy grade of the building on the basis of historical data from Locatee Analytics and further data sources such as weather forecasts, school holidays, etc. This allows to close separate floors on certain days if fit is already foreseeable that they won’t be used to capacity. Thus, cleaning performance and energy can be saved.
  • Challenge 3 – Notification: Stakeholders in the area (e.g., restaurants) receive information about the building‘s current occupancy grade. They can adjust their services to the expected visitor stream.

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Questions & Answers

Are there conditions of participation? You have to be at least 18 years old at the time of the event and you have to accept the terms and conditions of participation.
Will my travel be reimbursed? Unfortunately, the organizers cannot offer travel costs reimbursement.
What do I need to bring with me? The participants bring their own hardware and software, typically notebooks with already installed software. Both commercial and free software may be used. In the case of commercial software, the participants are obliged to dispose of the corresponding licenses. Of course, an Internet connection is available. If you want to stay overnight at the premises you need to bring your own sleeping bags, air mattresses etc.
Do I need to know how to program? No, other skills such as project management, marketing/presenting, communication, design, creativity, etc., are also desired.
Can I come to work on an already existing idea or a project for my start-up? No, the idea has to be new and must not have been used somewhere else.
What if I don't have team members? You'll find them at the event: There will be a team-up session after the introduction on Friday.
What about intellectual property? Do I own my code? Yes, you do. You do not transfer any rights of your work only by participating at the Hackathon. But you agree that both you and our partners may use, further develop and exploit the results.
Is there a contest? Yes. The teams will present their ideas and prototypes in a short presentation to the audience and a jury consisting of representatives of our partners. Prizes will be awarded to the best three ideas.
How can I stay informed during the Hackathon? The most important information will be on the website. And of course the organizers will keep you informed by e-mail in the run-up to the event.
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