Media reports remind us almost every day how the strategies implemented by organisations and the investments they make in the area of information security often fail to achieve the anticipated benefits, leaving their assets exposed to a wide range of threats: cyber-attacks, information warfare, data leakage, accidental interruption of service, malware infection, etc. ELCA makes available the experience it has gained from collaboration with numerous customers in all sectors to improve security with pragmatism, consistency and efficiency.

ELCA offers a range of integrated services and solutions that provide a unique holistic approach to security discipline as well as comprehensive coverage of requirements at all levels in an organisation. Our expertise ranges from "high level" aspects such as strategy to specific technical considerations such as the publishing of innovative security solutions.

Why choose ELCA?

  • Our consultants and engineers have extensive experience in information security and the benefit of substantial feedback in the field
  • We use rigorous, pragmatic and result-orientated methodologies
  • For the unique verticality of our skills
  • We conduct research into threats related to new technologies so that the most appropriate security concepts can be developed to combat them.