Invoice Management

Case studies

Automation of manual and repetitive corporate processes offers enormous potential for savings. To gain the full benefit of potential optimisation, organisational adjustments in addition to technical changes are needed to automate invoice processing.

ELCA Invoice supports the entire electronic vendor invoice processing procedure from receipt of mail up to payment authorisation. This makes the business process fast, secure, transparent and traceable. We offer variants for processing with SAP and other popular ERP systems.

If processing of vendor invoices is optimised, administrators can devote more time to value-added processes.

ELCA Invoice is a flexible “best practice” solution, which combines technical versatility with many years of experience in the Swiss market. The solution is implemented as a turnkey solution and offers considerable benefits, both for the user department and for IT operations.

ELCA Invoice has a modular structure and can be adapted to specific customer requirements at any time. The solution consists of three main areas:

  • Recording and extracting key data
  • Processing and posting
  • Archiving

ELCA Invoice contains pre-defined workflows and processes for checking the invoice and approving payment, which can be extended to include further document types (e.g. purchase orders for purchase-to-pay processes).

The advantages to you at a glance:

  • Process optimization through the automation of business processes (processing time reduced by up to a factor of five)
  • Fewer processing errors and better data quality thanks to automated data extraction and classification
  • Reduction in staff costs, as manual pre-sorting and paper archive no longer needed
  • Data available more quickly thanks to flexible division of work
  • Optimization of the cash flow through complying with payment goals and taking up all discounts possible
  • Fast return on investment, typically in 12 months
  • Simplified IT landscape through a link to the ERP systems (image enabling) and audit-proof archiving
  • Cost reduction during processing of typically 50 % to 70 % per invoice