iPension suite

iPension, IT solution for managing pensions.

iPension is the modern and complete business solution for durably managing occupational pension plans. Numerous private and public pension institutions and life insurance companies like Retraites Populaires, Fédération Vaudoise des Entrepreneurs and Hotela, use that unique platform in Switzerland able to integrate the occupational (2nd pillar) and private pension (3rd pillar) since more than 10 years. iPension: a simple solution for complex processes.

This allows iPension to provide an interesting alternative from an independent company for managing pensions on the Swiss market, which to date has been dominated by very small number providers.

At the present time, pensions for around 300,000 insured persons in Switzerland are successfully processed via iPension.

ELCA developed the concept of iPension for Retraites Populaires, a pension and life assurance company based in Western Switzerland. Since then, the company has continued to invest in the solution and develop it further to ensure that it is excellent for meeting the current market needs and statutory requirements.

The result is a modern IT solution for pensions which, in technical terms, is extremely adaptable and easy to implement, thanks to its highly integratable architecture.

  • ELCA is one of the largest IT consultancy and services companies in Switzerland. Since we were established nearly 50 years ago, we have gained in-depth experience of IT solutions for specific sectors and therefore also offer our own solutions – as is the case for iPension in respect of occupational pensions.
  • With ELCA and iPension you can keep a grip on potential risks: when future statutory and technological adjustments are required, you benefit from the support of a large and well-established provider, who is based locally and has excellent knowledge of the Swiss market.

« We have worked with ELCA to develop a management platform for the insurance business and pensions sector based on modules. This management platform, which is partly based on an extranet, allows us to cater more effectively for our customers' expectations for efficient data management. »

Claude Richard, Chief Executive of Retraites Populaires (July 2013)

There is simpler as a complex administration of pension plans: iPension.

The iPension IT solutions at a glance:

  • Performant services for all kinds of pension institutions: collective insurance companies, collective foundations, autonomous and semi-autonomous pension funds, pension institutions with inclusive insurances, …
  • The management of the whole pension of customers as set out in the Swiss federal legislation.
  • With iPension you can deal with more than a hundred different business operations with one solution.
  • iPension is a recognized and qualified solution, which has been used successfully by Swiss business for over ten years, and is already in use today to handle the pension of around 300,000 insured people.
  • State-of-the-art: ELCA is continuing the development of iPension, adding value by creating new modules in order to adapt to the changing market and user requirements, and map new trends in the solution at an early stage.