IT Modernization

Enhance your legacy IT with the newest technologies

Legacy systems make it harder for your organization to meet compliance needs, deliver business value, and generate innovation. ELCA’s modernization services help you revamp your legacy IT with the newest architectures, technologies, and practices.

Whether due to prohibitive maintenance and operation costs, end of support, loss of expertise, lack of flexibility, or long time-to-market cycles, systems built on ageing technologies can significantly slow you down, and even put a stop to your strategic digital initiatives.

Based on our long experience in system modernization, ELCA expertly accompanies you all the way from the initial assessment to a modernization strategy recommendation, to the delivery of your new system.

ELCA’s Modernization Services

  • Assess your legacy system or application portfolio – We cover business, technical and organizational aspects. We reverse-engineer your system, analyze your new business requirements, measure technical debt, and assess your development processes (agility, DevOps, tests …)
  • Define and optimize your modernization strategy – We balance needs, cost and risks. Based on the identified business, technical and organizational gaps, we advise you to either replace, migrate, refactor or enhance the system. We help you decide between incremental rollouts or a big-bang approach, and construct a complete modernization roadmap.
  • Build and deploy the new system – Our delivery teams help you implement the strategy. We can take on the entire modernization or support your in-house teams. In addition to state-of-the-art micro-services and cloud architecture, UX, security, DevOps, automated testing,etc., our experts’ know-how in programming languages and tools to analyze legacy code and generate new code automatically ensures consistency between the old and the new systems. The techniques help speed up the transformation, reduce your risks and make our solutions more cost-effective.