In addition to providing specialised technical knowledge in the area of mobile application development, expert ELCA consultants in digital marketing, digital transformation and customer experience (CX, Customer eXperience) can also assist you according to your requirements at different phases in your projects: business analysis, customer journey optimization, business cases, IT architecture, IT governance and even management of mobile devices.

Whether they are intended for the general public (B2C), partners (B2B) or employees within the same company (E2E), mobile applications are the focus of current concerns and omnichannel interaction strategies. Implementing them requires the ability to address a number of challenges:

  • Time to market and IT integration – The world of IT is constantly changing, and mobile channels must be able to adapt quickly to stay relevant to business needs. To truly push the boundaries for a company, a mobile application must also integrate seamlessly with back-end services and be able to withstand the loads under which it is placed.
  • Development quality and information security – Requirements in terms of quality and security are all the more important since a lack of qualitative developments and the loss of information can have a negative impact on a company’s business activities and its brand image. In cases where development cycles are very fast, a systematic test phase is the only way to guarantee the smooth operation of applications on multiple target platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) as well as on different versions of devices.
  • Ergonomics and design – Users of mobile applications have become particularly demanding. In order to engage users and retain their loyalty, mobile applications today need to be both good-looking and flawless from an ergonomics point of view.

The experts at ELCA have the full range of technical expertise and are skilled in the methods and use of the specific tools required for developing and testing mobile applications. We adapt our development approach to the requirements and objectives of each application. Typically, a hybrid approach (e.g. PhoneGap frameworks) or an approach based on cross-compilation (e.g. Xamarin environments) allows development cycles to be accelerated so that time-to-market constraints can be accommodated, while a native development approach (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) may be preferable for applications requiring greater optimisation and access to resources on more advanced devices. Some of the testing may be covered by cloud services (Testdroid, Xamarin Test Cloud), which test whether applications work properly with the multitude of devices available on the market. An advanced test phase conducted by experts must be scheduled in order to ensure that quality standards meet the expectations of the general public and to check a number of different elements, such as installing and uninstalling applications, performance on different networks (2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi), data synchronisation when switching between online and offline mode, integration with the company’s back-end services and security for these services.


Apart from the technical skills required, creating a mobile application that successfully engages with clients or employees requires special consideration with regard to the information displayed, the expectations of the intended users, the desired method of interaction, or indeed in terms of graphics. The UX (User eXperience) team at ELCA has developed a user-centred approach. This team establishes innovative interaction concepts and a visual identity during the development phase of the application and monitors the quality of the ergonomics during the implementation and testing phases.When designing a mobile application, a company’s applicative environment and global omnichannel interaction strategy for clients or employees must also both be taken into consideration. Expert ELCA consultants in digital marketing, digital transformation and customer experience (CX, Customer eXperience) can assist you according to your requirements at different phases in your projects: business analysis, customer experience development, case studies, IT architecture, IT governance and management of mobile devices. ELCA also contributes its security expertise, a factor that will be integral to the success of your mobile applications. Both on the user side, to protect data, and on the server side, where the company’s back-end services are exposed to the Internet and API management issues, it is crucial that these constraints be taken into consideration by a team of professionals, right from the design stage.

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