Application Modernization

Modern applications – the foundations for a successful future

Do you think that the economic environment will become even more challenging for Swiss firms in the future? Currently, everything points to it!

Jörg Lang
Divison Manager

The following factors in particular will represent a huge challenge for businesses:

  • More discerning customers who are better able to compare the services provided by companies thanks to modern technology
  • Increased competition: new players from other sectors, competition from abroad, new business models
  • Increasing speed: time to market, shorter product cycles, more rapid innovation cycles, increased delivery capability, smaller order quantities but more different variants
  • Greater cost pressure: a EUR to CHF exchange rate of 1:1, competition with cheaper products that are good enough for consumers
  • The political climate in the EU, USA and China: changing to favour major players

But this is no reason to bury our heads in the sand. Swiss companies have always succeeded in reinventing themselves and remaining competitive. They have managed this notably by focusing on the following strategic objectives:

  • Gaining a competitive edge through skilful strategic positioning
  • Ongoing innovation
  • Focus on high quality products and services, resulting in a positive customer experience
  • Spotting opportunities for growth at home and abroad
  • Greater dependability and delivery reliability (supply chain management)
  • Increasing productivity (cost optimisation)
  • Optimising net working capital (e.g. by reducing warehouse stocks)

These strategic pillars require solid foundations and a modern infrastructure. Is your existing application and system environment in a position to support these strategic objectives and act as healthy foundations? Our experience with numerous customer projects has shown that there is great potential for improvement in this area.

With over 50 years of experience in developing applications and modernising legacy applications, ELCA is the right partner for you. With us, you can evaluate and exploit this potential. How?

  • Placing the customer centre stage: Optimising design and architecture to achieve a better customer experience while taking account of current standards and regulations (e.g. GDPR and data protection)
  • Development of new products & services: Aligning investment with clear business results. Searching for new sources of income, products, services and business models
  • Reacting rapidly to changes in the business environment: Increasing productivity via lean procedures and processes, simplifying data storage and making relevant data easier to find
  • Using data strategically as part of the business strategy: Decisions, product interactions and customer interactions that are based on data. Data that supports all of a company’s decisions in real time
  • Using state-of-the-art technology: Simplifying the maintenance of applications by reducing their complexity, using the cloud, AI and big data, and by networking your machinery and production tools

Our experts have been very successful in upgrading applications and in “cloudifying” system environments for our customers, and have written a white paper about their experiences. You can read this white paper via the following link.

Whitepaper - Cloud Native Modernization


This white paper describes the modernization of a large legacy code base from the initial situation and pain points to the resulting architecture and benefits.


It is the real story of how we approached the restructuring of a complex three-tier application presenting issues with performance, regressions and slow release cycles, towards a modular and scalable cloud-native architecture.


Such modernization is a major step forward in taking full advantage of a cloud-native infrastructure.

Contact: Jörg Lang

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