System modernisation

Case studies

Obsolete IT systems are not only a strain on your nerves, but they also cost time and money. The issue hangs over the IT managers’ heads like a sword of Damocles. “It’s still working ...,” but the company bears the increasing costs and risks until the load becomes too heavy...

When the solution continues to fulfil business needs in a more or less satisfactorily way, an approach involving migration sometimes turns out to be the best solution. Migration does not “only” involve a new technological basis: where necessary, the system should also be improved.

ELCA has been working in this area for over 15 years and has developed tried-and-tested procedure models. We have successfully implemented important projects and gained considerable experience.

An assessment of the current situation and an analysis of the system modules will provide answers to questions such as: what can be migrated one to one, what should be amended or even be developed from scratch ? ELCA has developed a “decision path” for this analysis in order to come to the right decision as quickly as possible.

ELCA can support the modernisation of your system with the following services:

  • Consulting: Assessment of the application portfolio and delivery of a renewal strategy.
  • Migration 1 to 1: Automated, semi-automated or manual conversion of the original code.
  • Migration with equal functionality: The system components are re-written, without calling their functionalities into question. Only their appearance is reconsidered (e.g. new navigation concept in the case of a move to web architecture).
  • New development: The system is completely reconsidered, including at a functional level.
  • Software package: The system is replaced by one or several products from the market.
  • Data migration: Use of ETL, MDM and DQM concepts and tools.