ELCA, GARAIO and Nexplore develop MIL Office for the Swiss military

armasuisse, the federal office for Defence procurement and Competence Centre of the DDPS for procurement of technologically complex systems, decided in the spring of 2017 in favour of a skilled Swiss suppliers’ group, for the development of the new generation of the MIL Office. This decision is based on a selective procedure in accordance with the GATT/WTO agreement.

ELCA manages the project as Lead Developer and General Contractor in collaboration with partner companies GARAIO and Nexplore. The MIL Office 5 application is used by schools, educational courses and for the administration of the Swiss Army and Civil Protection for the management and planning of resources, for their availability and schedules as well as for accounting and billing of service events. MIL Office 5 will be used by several thousand members of the Swiss Armed Forces, by members of the Civil Protection service and by the administrative staffs.


MIL Office 5 takes advantage of most recent technological developments and satisfies the demanding users’ requirements as well as the newest structural and procedural improvements of the Army. In this regard, the users will appreciate the increased efficiency thanks to the intuitive usability, to the flexibility and to the performance of the system. The launch of MIL Office 5 is planned for the beginning of 2019.

To guarantee efficient process support, high availability and short response times, scalability as well as low operating and maintenance costs for MIL Office 5, this powerful industrial group provides the following expertise:

  • Fresh and state-of-the-art approach, in addition to the long-standing experience with Command, Control and Information systems, with field trials and data migrations, as well as an efficient introduction thanks to dedicated users’ support.

  • Elegant, role-based authorisation management and customised views for every type of user.

  • Smart architecture that solves potential conflicts in data updates and data sharing after online/offline work.

  • Best match of integrated security, a modern user experience and intuitive usability for the end users.

  • ELCA’s AgileIT procedure - fully compliant with HERMES - ensures transparency and flexibility in the change management of fixed-price and fixed-schedule projects.