The wide-ranging job of an Interaction Designer

According to Alex, Interaction Designer at ELCA Zurich, the dynamics of the working environment arise through continuous learning and through constant exchange of knowledge within the team.


by Alex
Interaction Designer at ELCA Zurich

How did you hear about ELCA?

I had heard about ELCA during my studies at the university, but at that point in time it would have been difficult get a permanent job at ELCA, because it’s mandatory to have finished your studies. ELCA is known for hiring well-educated people. Later at the World Usability Day I was approached by a member of the HR team who remembered me, that’s how I got to join ELCA.


What is your role?

My job is very diversified. It contains almost everything. I join the teams in developing offers for customers, providing support for new RFPs, or analyzing customer’s requests. This makes my job very interesting as it forces me to adapt and learn quickly. Depending on the kind of solution our customer is looking for I draft potential solutions and processes, define UX activities and discuss them with my counterparts in the teams and at the customer. After the customer agrees to the proposal I support his team during the implementation to make sure he gets the very best out of the software.

What fascinates you about your job?

To be working on real projects at a depth I’ve never seen before. Making sure the software we developed fulfills the requirements. The cooperation with the customer and the end-users is very satisfying. Also, the testing and implementing is very interesting and in my work as a UX designer I have to “Design Ahead” as part of the Agile Software development, which makes my work even more fascinating.


What do you like about ELCA?

The cooperation within and between the teams, the diversity of the projects and the knowledge sharing. Interdisciplinary project teams and insight into projects outside of my expertise is also really fascinating. I’m learning every day. Despite the size of the company, I feel like I’m part of a team. Also, our manager is very good; she shares her knowledge with everyone in the team, which is very helpful – especially for newcomers.