iPension suite

THE solution for managing Swiss pensions

The Swiss company ELCA Informatique SA announces the official launch of a program aimed at developing the Swiss IT pension platform. It will be the first software suite capable of managing all three pension pillars in an integrated and transparent way. This platform will address the societal and legal issues relating to the Swiss "Altersvorsorge 2020" (Pension plan 2020) reform.

For ELCA, the year 2015 was dedicated to conducting a feasibility study and identifying the needs relating to the integration of the area covered by the first pillar into the iPension platform, which already covers the 2nd and 3rd pillars. The results of this study confirmed that the iPension suite is the answer to future changes and developments faced by the stakeholders in social insurance companies and pension funds. Indeed, this IT platform already concentrates all the current and future bases for managing all three pillars of the Swiss pension system. It meets the requirements of Swiss citizens and offers them the transparency they need in order to prepare for the challenges posed by future reforms.


Today, a new and decisive step has been taken. In partnership with the Caisse Cantonale Vaudoise de Compensation AVS, the Caisse AVS des Entrepreneurs Vaudois, HOTELA and Retraites Populaires, ELCA is officially launching its iPension 1st solution, aimed at integrating the needs relating to the first pillar into its iPension suite solution. This will be the first platform capable of managing all three pension pillars in an integrated way.


The first programs are planned to be delivered in the third quarter of 2017. In the meantime, ELCA is also considering creating a portal designed specifically for insured persons – one that focusses on pension provision for citizens and their families.


Still with the support of its partners, in the next few weeks ELCA will undertake a set of communication and information activities in the market with a view to presenting this innovative and unifying program in detail.