Migrol petrol stations : differentiation through customer service

Migrol petrol stations is improving customer service with improved data management.

When it comes to differentiation, customer service is key. This is especially so for Migrol’s fuel cards within its petrol station business. The company needed a modern software system to manage customer data and customer contact, and to conduct marketing and sales.

 In just six months, ELCA implemented a state-of-the-art, tailored cloud solution for Migrol – one of the first companies in the Migros group to employ a system of this kind. The result: a centralised CRM system that manages customer data, marketing and sales activities, improves customer service, speeds up processes and substantially simplifies reporting.
Migrol operates around 310 petrol stations across Switzerland. In a highly competitive market with very little room to manoeuvre when it comes to developing products, the Migros group company identified outstanding customer service as essential to ensuring differentiation and required a digital system to realise this goal. Migrol needed a comprehensive overview of each customer profile in order to interact with customers in a targeted manner and ultimately provide them with better service. Requirements for this profile included information about a customer’s history, their preferences and buying behaviour, all of which enables marketing and sales activities to be tailored to specific profiles.

Migrol mines customer data to improve customer service

A further important objective was to reduce dependency on third-party providers (and the associated costs) by bringing all  customer data in-house – previously, the company did not have full access to this data. Migrol wanted to be in possession of all customer data to make full use of it and ensure it was handled securely.


Pilot project within the Migros group : a cloud-based CRM system 

Following a selection process, Migrol decided on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 for Sales, a cloud-based software solution – and chose ELCA, with its 50-strong, highly experienced CRM team, as its implementation partner. Within six months, the system was ready to begin operation.

The new cloud solution from ELCA offers Migrol AG petrol stations :

  • A comprehensive overview of all customer profiles :  with the new, comprehensive overview of customers and their history, the system allows Migrol to conduct personalised marketing and sales activities and targeted, faster and higher-quality customer service, in particular for corporate customers.
  • Central, efficient data management : having its own system means Migrol has unrestricted access to all data for its petrol station customers and can manage this data centrally, without depending on other providers, thus avoiding delays and additional costs.
  •  Faster, automated sales and reporting processes : an intuitive reporting cockpit generates automatic reports to increase sales for each customer and allows Migrol to combine these figures automatically at both station and company levels.