Neosis product iPension covers all three pillars of Swiss pension system

Neosis IT S.A., an ELCA company, was founded to provide digitized IT services and solutions for pension and social insurances.

iPension is about to become the first solution covering all three pillars of the Swiss pension system. Together with four AHV compensation found, CHF 25 million was invested to extend iPension to all three pillars. "iPension pool" is officially recognized by the Federal Social Insurance Office.

Pension and its effect on their lives is one of the two most important threats people in Switzerland feel anxious about. To give people confidence regarding their financial future they need to have access to a transparent and intuitive source of information regarding their pension situation.


At the same time employers want to have as less administration activity as possible, small companies need support in handling pension matters, further reforms are on the horizon and the control bodies are obliged to check the implementation of Swiss legislation.  


Neosis product iPension serves all these needs. For people it provides a 360-degree overview of their situation. Employers benefit from a standardized, digitized and event-oriented approach, allowing everybody an easy but yet precise handling of social insurance and pension benefits matters, even if the company is small or the responsible person is not an expert. Institutions have to adapt to future changes and at the same time stick to their long-term obligations towards their insured persons. Since iPension is module-based, new communication channels as well as requirements of future reforms can easily be integrated. Complete and fully compliant reports and, due to the innovative “Business Intelligence/Big Data” ability, detailed analysis features support control bodies in their function.

Compensation offices in Switzerland are facing further changes and developments. Serving these requirements and addressing the future transformation of the Swiss pension scheme needs not only a complex system, but also a system which knows what is and will be needed by the target groups. ELCA subsidiary Neosis, the technical leader and responsible for developing and enhancing the iPension suite, works closely with “Swiss Pension Solutions” (SPS), which comprises by client-investors of iPension, driving and handling business requirements and evolutions in coordination with Neosis. SPS is represented and officially recognized at the BSV (the Federal Social Insurance Office) in a new pool named “iPension pool”.


These two legal entities bring together the pioneering efforts in digitized pension and the deep knowledge of the present and future requirements of the Swiss pension sector. This collaboration hold all the requirements to lead the market.

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