How can I improve my customer journey by a waiting room???

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There is a lot of discussion about waiting room solutions:

  • Inform customers about their status in the queue, ticket categories left, other interesting offers
  • Use VIP queues for preferred buyer groups
  • Integrate the waiting room only for special offers / promotions
  • Optimize waiting times with multi-tenant / multi-shop queues

Join our webinar about PeakProtect and learn how:

  • Protect your webpage or ticket shop from any unexpected peaks, bots, infrastructure or application failures...
  • Watch Live statistics and Analysis of your visitors
  • Perform live adjustments according to your system or web page performance
  • You can interactively communicate with your customers while waiting by tweets or simple messages about available inventory or tickets and the remaining time they need to queue…
  • Define VIP queues for exclusive deals or buyer groups
  • Schedule openings to have a smooth Black Friday experience even for your IT team
  • Grant permission to your team members (Administrators, Marketing etc.)


PeakProtect – the Swiss waiting room solution that never failed since it was implemented in 2008!


A brief introduction about PeakProtect you can get by watching this short video


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