Gilbert really enjoys his job as Project Manager at ELCA

"I love to motivate my people to give their best every day for our customers and their solutions". - Gilbert, Project Manager at ELCA.

by Gilbert
Project Manager at ELCA Zürich

How did you hear about ELCA?

I only had heard about ELCA randomly until a recruiting agency introduced me to the company. I really had no opinion about the size and quality of ELCA.


What is your role at ELCA?

I work as project leader for larger public administrations. I’m currently taking care of 5 major applications overall. On two of this five I’m responsible for the implementation. For the remaining three I take care of the evolution and the maintenance (service). 

What fascinates you about your job?

The daily interaction with the customer and the contact to internal teams really make my job interesting. It’s like being the interface between ELCA and the customer. A lot of discussions and negotiations with the customer and with our teams ensure a project is successful. This is another aspect that makes my job so fascinating. And I love to motivate my people to give their best every day for our customers and their solutions.


What do you like about ELCA?

ELCA isn’t a body-leasing operation like many others in the field. We’re really involved in many big projects and we make IT work – many of them at a fixed price, which is unusual for this industry. Another element is the Swissness of ELCA. I was surprised to hear that ELCA is the biggest independent Swiss IT company. This is an achievement! And last but not least, the size of the company, which leaves enough space for job rotation, personal development in a different direction, or even an assignment at one of our foreign development centers.