The transformation of a dream into reality

Xavier became a Senior Software/Java Engineer at ELCA, his employer of choice.


by Xavier
Senior Software/ Java Engineer at ELCA

How did you hear about ELCA?

I was working in a company where ELCA was involved in a project. This was the first time I’d heard about the company. I decided I wanted to know more about it,m  and I found ELCA so interesting I decided to apply for an opening.


What is your role?

I have diverse tasks, but my main one is to work on the further development of the Sumex back-end. Beside this I support my colleagues in several other infrastructure projects/developments.

What fascinates you about your job?

It never gets boring, and I like all aspects of software development like design, testing, implementing, etc. Development never stops, and what in my early years began as a hobby is now my job. It can’t get better than this!


What do you like about ELCA?

I very much enjoy being part of this team. Although sometimes it may get a bit hectic we’re always polite and respectful with each other. Although I’ve been working as a developer for several years, there are a lot of technical experts at ELCA I can still learn a lot from – we have a very good working atmosphere here at ELCA.