UX designer’s experience at ELCA

Ursina, User Experience Designer at ELCA Zurich, is fascinated by the variety of projects and the company's communication culture.


Ursina, how did you hear about ELCA?

I attached my contact details (if an electronic board: I posted my contact details on the  World Usability Day job board and ELCA contacted me. Up to that point I only knew about ELCA from hearsay – but while browsing the website I discovered they had their own UX team and saw they’d done numerous exciting projects.

What is your role at ELCA?

I’m a User Experience Designer. My goal is to develop customer solutions that are easy to understand and use – ideally, they inspire, too. My tasks are really diverse: from analysing a problem to sketching and designing new solutions to accompanying an implementation; everything is included. Up until now I have been involved in projects in the fields of transport and logistics, financial services, public administration and telecommunications.

What fascinates you about working as a UX designer?

I must permanently put myself into the position of users and must be able to respond to different requirements. Thanks to the varied range of projects I can always take different approaches and I learn a lot. I also have the opportunity to give free rein to my creativity.

What do you particularly like about ELCA?

I was pleasantly surprised by the open and uncomplicated way in which employees interact with each other – especially regarding a somewhat newer discipline such as UX, which is otherwise rather neglected in a classic IT environment. I hadn’t expected such an open-minded and communicative culture from an IT company.