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Digital Real Estate Summit 2024

February 27, 2024

At the 9th Digital Real Estate Summit, the shapers of the digital world will meet experts from the real estate industry. The event offers a unique opportunity to learn about the latest market and technological developments and to examine their relevance for your own company and organization.


We are pleased to be part of the Digital Real Estate Summit 2024 and to present MosaicCloud Immo under the category Digital Processes - End2End.


MosaicCloud immo
Digital Real Estate Summit_Presentation

Our presentation about MosaicCloud Immo

Innovative platforms make it possible: efficient collaboration between real estate service providers and owners in the cloud.


Welcome to MosaicCloud Immo, the pioneering platform that takes collaboration between real estate service providers and owners to a new level. Our solution is designed to optimize the entire real estate lifecycle and enable seamless interaction between the various players in the industry in a Swiss standard.

Martin Frei

Our special guest for the presentation

Martin Frei is Chief Digital Officer at VERIT Immobilien and, together with his team, is responsible for driving forward digitalization and the implementation of innovative products. He has many years of experience in the areas of digital transformation, digital solution architectures, project/portfolio management, strategic product development and the integration of innovations and interface management.

Become part of the network and join us in Baden on February 27, 2024. You can now register for the event here via Digital Real Estate Summit. We look forward to welcoming you on site and presenting MosaicCloud Immo to you.

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Mosaic IIM Solutions

Every Mosaic solution is designed with a distinct emphasis on specific aspects of IIM, allowing for independent implementation and usage. This approach facilitates a gradual digital transformation of your content-based business processes without the need for significant initial investments. Our Mosaic applications are cloud-ready, seamlessly aligning with your infrastructure strategy, whether on-premise, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, or other options.



MosaicCloud is “IIM as a service”. It requires limited project time for its implementation and can be deployed immediately. Its intuitive user interface secures a speedy onboarding as well.



ELCA’s eDossier enables employees a 360° view of all documents and correspondence related to a customer or a business case that might be centrally managed in an electronic file. Information is available and accurate, making the day-to-day work of advising customers easier. Implementing this solution, document processes become much more efficient and customer requests are processed quickly and at a high quality.



Thanks to the low-threshold entry via continuous task definition by the business users, there is no need for time-consuming specification phases.

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Docucom enables back offices to take on a leading role in the digitalization of a company, because digitalization demands new business-driven approaches and the requisite software. Our innovative process solution efficiently combines BPM/ECM/DMS and CCM.

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Mosaic IIM Solutions offers an ideal solution for you! With eanna, you get a DMS and an archive system that can be installed cloud-natively and also on premise. Thanks to our focus on "Archive as a Service", you get a lean, secure, powerful, scalable and reliable archive system. The document repository communicates with the surrounding systems via open REST interfaces.

Marc Petralito

Client Partner

Introducing Marc Petralito, our Client Partner for MosaicCloud Immo