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VeriPark and ELCA announce strategic partnership to accelerate the digitalization of the Retail Banking and Insurance sectors in Switzerland

VeriPark, a global customer experience solutions provider with financial services know how, and ELCA, one of the largest independent Swiss Consultancy firms have signed a strategic partnership to accelerate the digital transformation in the Retail Banking and Insurance sectors. ELCA is the first Swiss partner to offer VeriPark solutions designed to deliver omni-channel banking experience, branch transformation, client acquisition, retention and cross-sell capabilities or Loan Origination Automation.

VeriPark’s global solutions built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Azure platform will be implemented by a local ELCA team supported by VeriPark specialists. Certified ELCA consultants and business analysts will ensure VeriPark solutions’ successful delivery and provide local support after the projects go live. This new alliance will enable retail banks and insurance companies to benefit from ELCA expertise on customer interaction platforms and agile methodologies to deploy VeriPark cutting-edge solutions and meet digital transformation challenges.

Commenting on the partnership, Romain Raynal, Head of Division Financial Services, ELCA says «ELCA is proud to be the first Swiss partner of VeriPark, which for many years has demonstrated its ability to design and deliver innovative customer engagement solutions for banks and insurers around the world. Our strong complementarity is based on ELCA's leadership on Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Switzerland combined with the high value-added VeriPark solutions in the field of financial services. Thanks to this partnership, we will offer our Retail Banking and insurance customers the VeriPark's vertical solutions to improve their customer engagement processes with a unique time to market.»

«We very much welcome this partnership» says Wim Geukens, Managing Director VeriPark Europe. «Elca was highly recommended to us by Microsoft as the top partner in Switzerland for financial services. Together, we can provide comprehensive industry-specific solution scenarios for the financial sector. Elca's local delivery experience and capability combined with VeriPark’s global solutions will enable financial institutions to deliver admirable customer journeys in digital and assisted channels.»

The Swiss financial services players are aware of the unchallenged necessity to embrace digital transformation. But due to a lack of strategic pressure, most of the swiss companies have adopted a smart-follower approach so far. Now the moment seems to have come to implement innovative strategies to catch up with international competitors and FinTech. The partnership between ELCA and VeriPark presents an opportunity for firms to execute end-to-end process digitalization to enhance and automate customer services across all channels. The functional depth of VeriPark's customer-centric solutions also makes it possible to develop the digital branch concept or to automate part of the mortgage and loan origination business processes.